Strategies to capture, contain, manage, de-escalate and resolve disputes without litigation

CDMC was established in 2010 with the key aim of assisting independent business owners,  business managers and self employed professionals to handle commercial disputes more proficiently and allowing more room and scope for the parties to a dispute to achieve commercial dispute resolution terms they could both accept, and to do so as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Our emphasis is on helping you achieve –

  • Effective early management of any commercial dispute to contain it and stop it from escalating;
  • Quick and cost effective commercial dispute management and commercial dispute resolution;
  • The preservation of pre-existing important business relationships where this is the desire of each party to the dispute.

A key objective at CDMC is to help our clients avoid the need to resort to litigation to resolve their commercial disputes.

The CDMC website provides you with a clear alternative choice if you have the misfortune to become embroiled in a dispute and don’t fancy the prospect of costly, distracting and time-consuming litigation.

Most people don’t expect to be caught up in a dispute and so don’t plan for it. When it happens they are usually caught off balance and, without awareness of any viable alternative, contact a lawyer for advice and guidance.

But here’s the thing – many lawyers are well trained in the art of litigation, but not well trained in the art of alternative commercial dispute resolution.

Alternative dispute resolution is a skill, like any other skill, that must be learned through dedicated study and honed and refined through experience. Those of us who are skilled in the art of alternative dispute resolution can apply those skills to achieve effective early management and resolution of disputes without any need to engage in costly, time consuming and distracting litigation.

This is what CDMC can offer you. Christopher Whitelaw is an expert in the art of managing and resolving disputes early and cost effectively without the need for litigation. He has pulled together a team of liked minded people, lawyers, mediators, arbitrators and experts in various industries and fields who are committed to ideals and vision of CDMC as explained on this website.

The CDMC team has a package of qualifications, acquired skills and experience that not many have and this enables CDMC to offer you a unique and highly valuable service that can spare you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars and heaps of stress by steering you clear of litigation, or, if you are already caught up in litigation, extricating you from it early rather than later after you have already incurred substantial litigation costs.

Litigation is Your Last Resort

Under the CDMC approach, litigation is always your last resort to resolve your dispute, not your first.

Christopher Whitelaw and the CDMC team of qualified ADR experts have over 30 years of combined experience working with the owners and/or managers of a wide range of commercial entities and businesses including corporations, partnerships, trusts, joint ventures and franchises to help them resolve disputes more quickly and more cost effectively than would be the case if they resorted to unrestrained litigation. Additionally, the way in which they work helps preserve valuable business relationships rather than destroy them. This is a hugely rewarding aspect of the work we do.

Most litigation lawyers will usually admit that there are usually no winners in the litigation ‘justice’ system. Many judges will tell you this, and that is why they usually urge the parties to a dispute to take genuine and reasonable steps to resolve and settle their dispute out of court using alternative/assisted dispute resolution strategies before fully committing themselves to the litigation pathway.

Many ‘winners’ at the end of litigation feel like ‘losers’, because of time it took to get a final result, the stress experienced along the way, the diversion of time and resources away from core business activity and because very often the legal system fails to adequately compensate the winners for their real costs incurred in the litigation.

There has to be a better way, and there is.

Everyone who offers services to you through CDMC also has a deep knowledge and understanding of the litigation system. Every one of us has been involved in a wide range of disputes that have proceeded through the litigation system. We know full well the havoc it can wreak on the lives of the parties to the dispute, on their cash flow and on their businesses.

The most essential and vital professional skill that we offer to the marketplace is our expertise and experience in achieving early and cost effective management and resolution of disputes.

How It Works:

  1. The first stage of the service we offer you is to properly understand the dispute that you bring to us – its history, the parties, the key issues and the different perspectives and needs of the parties.
  2. We then devise and propose creative dispute resolution machinery and strategies tailored to your dispute. This becomes your blueprint or road map for early exit from the dispute.
  3. We then request you and the other party or parties to the dispute to commit to the implementation of this blueprint. Once everyone commits to the blueprint, by signing the dispute management/resolution agreement, the real work begins.

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